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We modify the behaviors and train the owners how to keep the newly acquired behaviors consistent.


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Michael Crohn​

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LA Dog Behaviorist

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LA Dog Behaviorist

We work with all breeds and all types of behaviors no matter the severity. Everything from puppy training to adult dog behavior modification. Our training focuses on understanding canine body language and psychology, addressing the problem by making use of classical conditioning, operant conditioning, canine pack behavior, household structure, and training the owner and the dog which creates a more stable dog and a more knowledgeable and happy owner. We believe in having a balanced relationship with our dogs that allows them plenty of freedom without them being out of control. This is our style of training because we know the more discipline they have, the more free they can be!

LA Dog Behaviorist is in Granada Hills, CA and serves the greater Los Angeles Area specializing in Dog behavior training & Dog Behavior Modification.