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Private Training

Learn to see what we see and how we approach the rehabilitation process. You'll work hands on with us and get a detailed training program to help achieve your goals.

$200/Hour - Includes evaluation, training the owner to understand the dog, and a detailed training plan to help achieve your goals!

​Socialization Training

Have your dog socialized during the day between 8am - 6pm with picture & video updates. We specialize in rehabilitating & socializing dogs with a history Fear aggression, Predatory Aggression, Leash Aggression, Resource Aggression, Dog to Dog aggression, Dog to Human Aggression, & Dog to cat aggression.

$425/1st day - Includes up to 6 hours of socialization training & a 60 minute private training session at the end of the day. 

$125/each additional day - Includes up to 7 hours of socialization; does not include private training.