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LA Dog Behaviorist






We are not your typical daycare! We provide structured walks and socialization to all breeds, ages, and training needs. Our Daycare, Walking, and Socialization is open from 8:30am-6pm for only $40/day! We require a one-on-one training session to enter our program and to assess your dogs personal and training needs. If you would like your pup picked up from your location we do that too! We charge only $1/mile for pickup and drop-offs!

$65/night (Dogs under30lbs)

$70/night (Dogs under45lbs)

$75/night (Dogs under45lbs)


$200/Private Session

We provide in-home 90 minute training sessions of dog behavior training, basic commands, and behavior modification for unwanted behaviors such as pulling on the leash, jumping on guests, not listening to commands, bolting out doors, excessive barking, running out into the street, marking or pooping in the house, barking and lunging at guests or other animals, jumping on tables or counters, barking at people or other dogs and more. Mild to moderate behavior modification sessions take 1-3 sessions to alter the behaviors and train the owners and household members how to keep the newly trained behavior consistent. AGGRESSION and INTENSE FEAR CASES may require a Board and Train.


Basic Commands 

$2100 - 2 Week Intensive

Board and Train price includes the initial consultation, two weeks of training, as well as one go-home training session. Basic commands teach the dog to SIT/STAY, DOWN/STAY, COME, HEEL (loose leash walking), Relax in a crate, and provides an introduction to the remote collar(low level e-collar training) which is the beginning of OFF LEASH training. It includes one in home session with the owner at the end of the training to show the owner how to keep the training consistent. Price of E-Collar is not included ($180-$200).

Behavior Modification -

$3500 - 4 week Intensive     

Board and train price includes the initial consultation, the four weeks of personalized training, a go-home session, and a 90 day follow-up training session. We work with severe aggression, fear, resource guarding, feral dogs, separation anxiety, and more. We work on all the basic commands and create a specific plan for the dogs individual needs. At the end of the board and train the owner will be given a 90 day "go-home protocol" to keep the training consistent to give the dog the best chance for success. Price of E-Collar not included ($180-$200).​​