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We train your dog to walk at your heel and sit automatically when you stop on walks. Think your dog can't do this? Think again! Almost every dog we walk used to pull on the leash and bark at everything until we trained them! Everyday you will be sent a picture or a short video clip of where and what your dog is doing that day and see a happy, relaxed dog!








We provide in-home dog behavior training and behavior modification for unwanted behaviors such as pulling on the leash, jumping on guests, not listening to commands, bolting out doors, excessive barking, running out into the street, marking or pooping in the house, barking and lunging at guests or other animals, resource guarding, jumping on tables or counters, barking at people or other dogs and more. Most mild to moderate behavior modification sessions take 1-2 hours to alter the behaviors and train the owners and household members how to keep the newly trained behavior consistent. For AGGRESSION and INTENSE FEAR CASES we suggest the dog do a Board and Train for the safety of the dog and everyone involved. 

Board & Train Programs

Basic Commands - 2 weeks - $1400

Basic commands teaches SIT/STAY, DOWN/STAY, COME, HEEL(loose leash walking), Relax in a crate, and provides an introduction to the remote collar which is the beginning of OFF LEASH training. It includes one in home session with the owner at the end of the training to show the owner how to keep the training consistent.

Severe Behavior Modification - 4 weeks - $2800

We work with severe aggression, fear, resource guarding, feral dogs, separation anxiety, and more. We provide all the basic commands as well as work on the dogs individual needs. Our program is highly successful with these types of cases because of our unique approach to training.